General Care for Glass Cooktops

A glass-ceramic cooktop gives your kitchen a sleek, modern look, especially when you keep your cooktop clean and gleaming.

Preserve your glass cooktop’s beauty by cleaning it regularly and properly. Goddard’s Glass Cooktop Cleaner quickly and gently removes spills and spots for a smooth, shiny finish that helps keep foods from sticking.

Protect, polish and maintain your glass cooktop with these care tips from Goddard’s:

  • Before applying a Cooktop Cleaner/Polish, remove as much burned on particulate and residue as possible.
  • Allow your glass cooktop to cool slightly before cleaning typical spills. Avoid using a wet sponge or cloth on a surface that is too hot in order to avoid steam burns.
  • When applying Glass Cooktop Cleaner, make sure that the surface is cool to the touch.
  • Shake the product well before using, and then apply directly to the Glass Cooktop surface.
  • Clean your Glass Cooktop with a sponge, soft cloth or paper towel. Do not use steel wool or abrasive materials that could scratch the surface.
  • When cooking, avoid spills and boil-over by turning down heat to the lowest possible setting for the cooking task.
  • Ensure that the bottoms of pots and pans are properly cleaned and free of grease and food residue before cooking with them.
  • Check your pans for tarnish before using them on your glass cooktop; tarnish can discolor the Glass Cooktop surface.
  • Move pots and pans across your glass cooktop by lifting them, not sliding them. Sliding cookware over a piece of grit can mar the glass surface.
  • Be careful when lifting heavy or hard objects above your glass cooktop, as accidental dropping can crack the cooktop.