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Joseph Goddard’s 170 Year Legacy

It was in Leicester, England in the 1830's that Joseph Goddard, a chemist, developed a deep appreciation for beautiful silver. He was frequently called upon to appraise fine silver owned by England's wealthy families. His career was challenged when electroplated silver pieces became more popular and more affordable to the average person. Polishes at that time performed poorly. After many attempts, he perfected a silver polish that would safely remove tarnish on any piece. His products won six gold medals for excellence at the 1885 American Exposition.

Since then, Goddard's polishes have been used exclusively to maintain priceless treasures and antiques in renowned museums, state houses, hotels and private estates throughout the world. Even today, all Goddard's polishing & cleaning products strictly adhere to J. Goddard's insistence that polishes remove tarnish but not diminish the beauty of the piece.

Joseph Goddard also became inspired by a fine furniture maker in the mid-1800's named Thomas Chippendale. Chippendale, a cabinetmaker by trade, began making fine furniture which was showing up in wealthy English homes and palaces. Goddard set out to develop the finest furniture polishes to maintain this valuable furniture. He worked closely with some of the best cabinet and furniture makers at the time, finally and proudly introducing his polishes in 1847. Unparalleled shine and protection for all furniture is still available today with Goddard's.

Joseph Goddard's legacy is secure. Those English formulas for cleaners and polishes are proprietary to West Drive today. We have continued following his principles of developing and perfecting products to maintain today's home furnishing trends. Whether you have a granite countertop, stainless steel appliances or a natural stone floor, Goddard's has a product to maintain a like-new appearance.

(Reference: Goddard's USA. "Joseph Goddard’s 170 Year Legacy".

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