General Care For All Wood Surfaces

Wood adds great warmth to your home — warmth you can enhance by bringing out the natural beauty of wood furniture and floors with simple care.First, condition your wood surfaces to maintain their optimal moisture level. Moisturizing your wood furniture and floors with Goddard’s wood cleaners and polishes can prevent drying and cracking while protecting your wood furniture and floors from water damage.

Condition, nourish and clean all your home’s wood surfaces safely and effectively with these wood care tips from Goddard’s:

  • Use soft cotton, microfiber or flannel cloths to polish wood, avoiding abrasive cloths that can scratch furniture and floors.
  • Wipe in the direction of the grain when polishing wood.
  • Condition wood furniture exposed to sunlight to prevent drying and fading.
  • Prevent scratches by avoiding dragging items across wood surfaces.
  • Protect wood furniture from difficult-to-remove “drink rings” with a protective layer of wood polish — and avoid setting drinks directly on wood furniture.
  • Prevent stains by wiping spills on wood surfaces immediately.
  • Use protective pads when setting hot dishes on wood surfaces.
(Reference: Goddard's USA. "General Care For All Wood Surfaces".